Techno Brother – Ritzi Lee


His name is Steve liem also known as DJ Ritzi Lee, And in 1997 was ower first meeting. Ritzi is one of the Techno Boys !!!!!!!!! We have spinnend together Dj the Edge and Ritzi Lee played at Dance Valley and stood in the final of the Dutch DJ contest there we where 1 of 6 in the netherlands.

Together we have spinnend on a lot of party’s of all sizes – It’s about the music and feeling.

DJ The Edge : In 2002 I quit being a DJ because of health problems, Ritzi there against continued and now plays internationally.

DJ The Edge : I could never let go the music and yet again started since 2015.


Ritzi is my Techno Brother
Peace and Respect


just listen to one of his mixes also he used one of my productions Oppam.